Mike has helped me find muscles I didn’t even know I had, I look forward to our sessions together.

I thought I’d share this “after” picture, less than 6 months after starting to work out with Mike and David you can see the difference in my face, you should see the rest 🙂

Riel Roussopoulos

I wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am for my ongoing training at Rep1 with David Moloney. I’m an older client who has never worked out in a gym before. 12 weeks ago I could not get up off the ground without assistance, or walk quickly for a few blocks, or climb up and stand on a chair. Scott did an excellent and encouraging assessment before assigning me to David.

David is one of the most patient and motivating people I have ever met. Every week I feel a little more confident about using the equipment and doing the exercises. I am currently in week 13 of twice-weekly training and, with the addition of careful nutrition, have lost 3 inches at my waist, 3 in my hips, and 16 pounds. My resting pulse has gone from 86 to 76 and my blood pressure is down 10 points. David is concentrating on my core strength to improve serious problems I have with balancing on my feet, painful arthritis in my knee, and asthma induced by cardiovascular activity. ALL of these areas have improved and my physical energy is quickly being restored.

I am so happy I cannot believe the ongoing changes. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. But David keeps it fun and gives great feedback and lots of moral support. He is unfailingly confident in my improvement. The gym is super clean and I am always greeted by friendly staff. I look forward to every new session.



We have worked with the guys at REP1 since their inception. My wife and I are active seniors and the Rep1 team has always been there for us, putting our needs first and foremost. Chad and David are true professionals dedicated to the art and science of fitness training.

They bring out the best in us!

Derry and Aaron

Oh woe was me after 5 years out of the gym following a back injury. My girlfriend said “Enough!” and introduced me to her trainer, Krista Brewer, at Rep1.

Working out under Krista’s direction over the past year has regenerated my confidence in my body, changed its shape, made it stronger and better balanced, and brought back its aerobic capacity. My body is healthier and happier.

Krista continues to take my body to the next level of fitness and has never asked me to do anything that I could not do. That’s a great combination, particularly when done with grace, humour, and a light touch!

Would I recommend Krista? You bet.



Workouts with Scott are always interesting and challenging! He happily tailors the workouts to support your current fitness goals. For me that has ranged from working out during pregnancy to adventure racing to learning to play ice hockey- a wide range! But Scott never misses a beat! He is always smiling and always professional. I am a much fitter and happier person as a result of my Rep 1 workouts!

Jennifer L