Rep1 Fitness has the most experienced personal trainer’s in Vancouver, BC. Personal training in Kitsilano starts here! We also have rehab experts and Kinesiologists on board!


All of the trainers on the Rep1 team have several years experience to make sure your training hour flies by fast and safe. What are your goals? That is our focus! Whether it is to run a 10km, bike to Whistler, or just general improvement in lifestyle, we have you covered.

Is the training hour hard? Sure, but it’s hard to your level. And the most important thing? You will feel better when you walk out the door and you’ve completed your workout.

If you are looking for trainers that have ‘been there and done that,’ look no further than Rep1 Fitness. From collegiate sports to triathlons, from 10km run races to 400km (in one day) group bike rides, and from injury to recovery, we’ve done it all ourselves.

Again, safety is always the number one concern. It is more important to build up a strong base over time than to come sprinting out of the gates with personal training. Let us take you on a structured, personal journey of fitness to reach your goal and get you to the finish line feeling invigorated!


  • Incredible Results
  • Personalized Programs
  • Workout Variety
  • Increasing intensity
  • Accountability
Mark Pottie - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver - Best Personal Training Kitsilano

Mark Pottie

Mark Pottie is the ‘all-rounder’ of persona

Matt Roland - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver

Matt Roland

Matt always knew he wanted to use his passion for stren

Robert Tanner - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver - Best personal training Kitsilano

Robert Tanner

Robert is a born and bred Vancouverite!  Growing up, h

Anna Zimmer - Rep1 Fitness - Best Personal Training Vancouver

Anna Zimmer

This ‘kid at heart’ was born in Burnaby BC, but rec

Jack Stevenson - Rep1 Fitness - Best personal training Kitsilano

Jack Stevenson

Born in Montreal, Jack (Jacques) moved to Vancouver at

Cameron Bentley - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver - Best personal training Kitsilano

Cameron Bentley

Growing up in Port Moody and starting hockey at age 4 s

Jamiel Moore Williams - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver - Best-personal training Kitsilano

Jamiel Moore-Williams

Jamiel Moore-Williams is the company teddy-bear!  Not

Gui Spiteri - Rep1 Fitness - Personal Trainer Vancouver - Best personal training Kitsilano

Gui Spiteri

After completing his sports management degree this Fren