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Client Spotlight: Margery and Michelle

Determination, energy and bright smiles…

Margery (as all best friends do) dragged Michelle to her first session with Dave three years ago, and since then they both #RockTheGym every Wednesday morning!

Their goals are to stay in shape, keep up with their kids, have fun, and look great in the summer!!

Margery’s pro wrestling name is “Zealous Giant” and Michelle’s is “Chief Tornado”! #WeAreRep1

How To: Lunge W/ Single Leg Deadlift

Krista from Rep1 recommends this combination of a lunge, right into a single leg deadlift to fire up the backside and challenge your balance! 10-15 reps, then switch legs. #FocusFriday

Tuesday Tips: You Can Do It!

We know as you near your next race that things can get nerve-wracking. #Rep1 challenges you to find a new positive mantra that you can use to encourage yourself! (Or share yours in the comments!!)