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This Jack-of-all-trades personal trainer can get you into shape. Whether it is rehab, weights workout, or crushing cardio, this man has it in his repertoire! Jack (Jacques) was born in Montreal but moved to East Vancouver at a very early age… before it was ‘cool’ to be from that side of town. Growing up Jack gravitated to individual activities for fitness and has the ability to either hit the skateboard or the snowboard. Long-distance running is his outdoor choice now but don’t try to keep up with him on a bicycle either (trust us, we tried).

Jack’s Kinesiology degree gives him the backing to get the results you need! You will not only find the workout hard but technical as well. Look for his iPad to come out during the session to show you the muscles you are using. On a rainy Sunday, Jack will be watching English Premier League soccer or taking a dog for a run… we almost feel sorry for the dogs!

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Want to read some random facts about Jack? Read on:

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?

Incline Bench! Undervalued, but essential to a good weight session.

If you weren’t a personal trainer, what would you do?

Probably a Chef! Prior to becoming a Kinesiologist, I went to culinary school. If I hadn’t gotten burned out working in fine dining, I’d probably still be involved in the restaurant industry somehow.

What was your first job?  And what did you learn at that job?

My first job was in a bakery on Granville Island. That one whipped me into shape. I learned to crack eggs with one hand and to work tidier. I also learned that professional kitchens attract a wide variety of very interesting people!

What is the one ‘cheat’ food, or drink, that you can’t avoid?

Definitely pizza. Especially when served with a glass of wine.

What is the one thing that nobody knows you can do?

Kickflips! (editor’s note:  this is on a skateboard… but we need a video of this Jack)

Your favorite vacation spot is ______ because?

My aunt’s place is in Glen Sutton, Quebec, because there is a marvellous view, some gardening to do, and plenty of time to cook food, eat cheese, and drink wine with family and friends.

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