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Continuing Rep1’s European domination, Katharina (Kathi) hails from Wiener Neustadt Austria… better known as the city that is close to Vienna!

Kathi’s mom put her in all sports at an early age. Dancing, fencing, swimming, gymnastics, and Kathi’s favourite… Horseback riding! Riding was her greatest passion and she competed in many tournaments throughout the years.

These days you can find Kathi mostly at the gym with weights in her hands, or exploring the mountains of BC.

When it comes to her training game you’d better be ready as Kathi’s physiotherapy background will make sure that she doesn’t miss anything. Do you have a muscle imbalance? She will find it and make it stronger!

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Want to read some random facts about Kathi? Read on:

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?
One of your early life accomplishments was?…
Making really good scrambled eggs
If you weren’t a personal trainer, what would you do?
Whatever Kevin McAllister‘s (from the movie Home Alone) parents did for a living. I mean, they could afford a house and a vacation to Paris for 9 people.
What was your first job? And what did you learn at that job?
Cashier at McDonalds. This apparently shaped me in a way that I became a fitness trainer.
What is the one ‘cheat’ food, or drink, that you can’t avoid?
One? Pizza, burger, fries, chocolate, you name it
Your favorite Superhero is?…
My grandma. She‘s the best!
If you could be anyone else in the world who would it be?
My parents’ cat. She‘s living the life!
What is the one thing that nobody knows you can do?
Reach my elbow with my tongue. Can you?
Your favorite vacation spot is
Israel and Austria because of love and family.

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