Jennifer L works out with Scott

Workouts with Scott are always interesting and challenging! He happily tailors the workouts to support your current fitness goals. For me that has ranged from working out during pregnancy to adventure racing to learning to play ice hockey- a wide range! But Scott never misses a beat! He is always smiling and always professional. I am a much fitter and happier person as a result of my Rep 1 workouts!

Charles gets fit in Kits while laughing with his trainer

I have been very satisfied with the Rep1 Team and would highly recommend them.  They are very knowledgeable and professional.  I am especially pleased with the intensity level and the wide variety of exercises they put me through.  My trainer also has a good sense of humor and it is a pleasure to spend 3 hours a week with her!

Derry & Aaron work out together as a couple / Training Together

We have worked with the guys at REP1 since their inception. My wife and I are active seniors and the Rep1 team has always been there for us, putting our needs first and foremost. They are true professionals dedicated to the art and science of fitness training.

They bring out the best in us!

Linda / Member

“The support and encouragement of the Rep 1 community has helped me to improve my balance, flexibility, and strength over the past 1.5 years. As a result – I am living an improved daily life – thank you to the entire team”

Marlene Dong / Senior Manager, Communications

My husband and I have been going to Rep1 Twice a week for 5 years. We love our workouts, our trainers, the owners, and all the other staff. The gym is modern, spacious & always clean. It all adds up to a great environment for getting fit and having fun. 

Riel Roussopoulos / Entrepreneur

Rep1 helped me find muscles I didn’t even know I had, I look forward to our sessions.

I thought I’d share this “after” picture, less than 6 months after starting to work out with Rep1, you can see the difference in my face, you should see the rest 🙂

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