The owners of Rep1 Fitness created Vancouver’s largest, dedicated personal training facility in 2010 with one vision in mind: CREATING A FITNESS FACILITY DESIGNED BY TRAINERS FOR TRAINERS AND CLIENTS.

Why do we do what we do? We want to improve lifestyles! We want to be accessible to all levels of fitness and age. No matter the injury, the goals, or the exercise regime we look to improve your life. From a new-to-fitness program to elite-level athlete training we want to take your life to the next level.

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The owners of Rep1 have been in the personal training industry for over 20 years each! Scott and Chad have been leaders in some of the top fitness teams around Vancouver. Taking those experiences they opened the doors to their gym in Kitsilano. Building on the dream they expanded the fitness facility in January of 2014 making Rep1 8,000 sq. ft. of health and wellness playground.


Working out with the Rep1 Fitness fitness coaches you can guarantee you are getting an experienced trainer taking you through your exercise program. In the long run, this means results! We want to give you a personalized fitness workout for your needs. What are your goals? That is our focus! Weight loss, weight training or aerobic exercise? We’ve got you covered! Injuries?… We handle that as well! With our Kinesiologists on board, we can help you rehab and progress through your impairment, big or small.

Being an exercise-focused team we are enthusiastic about a fitness challenge, and a good fundraiser! A great example of this is 2018 when we raised just under $50,000 for breast cancer research. We hosted a personal trainer’s weightlifting competition, competed in a trail running race, and did a Seattle to Portland bike ride… all while raising money for our chosen charity! Every year we face a new challenge head-on… will you be joining us soon?

If you want to chat about your goals you can reach us at workout@rep1.ca, call 604-742-0555, or stop in for a visit at our gym located at 3313 West Broadway (Broadway and Blenheim in Kitsilano). Set up an appointment to go over your needs and let us help you find the right trainer for you!

Focused on Personal Training

Rep1 has always been a personal trainers facility. We have never been open for general access, our focus is on maximizing the fitness of our clients through personal training.

Modern Gym & Fitness Facilities in Kitsilano

We’re very proud of our facilities including modern equipment, showers & changing rooms as well as two big open areas and private rooms for the use of our massage clients

Why Choose Rep1?

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry, we’ve been here for well over a decade and we take great care of our clients and the equipment we use. Plus, we work with you to design the perfect program for you, no matter your fitness level or your age.  Beginner or athlete, we’ll design a program to challenge your fitness goals.

Personal Attention 99%
Professional Trainers 96%
Modern Facilities 93%
The best equipment 90%
Free Parking 85%



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