Wedding Workout

If there was ever a time to look your best, it is your wedding day!

Our fitness experts will design your wedding workout program so you are photo ready for your close-ups.

Best of all, you will have fun getting in the best shape of your life in time for the big day. 

With over 8,000sq. ft of personal training space we have room for all the exercise ‘toys’ that will keep you entertained and sweating for the full hour!

Your personal trainer will make sure:

  • Your arms and shoulders are toned
  • Your waistline is lean
  • Your legs are strong to keep you standing during those emotional moments
  • Your profile looks great for those full-body pictures
  • You enjoy the fitness journey along the way to your destination!

Not only will your workouts at Rep1 be planned for the days you are in-house personal training but we also have the BEST ideas for what you should do on your off-days for fitness. 

Looking for some great nutritional advice? 

We can point you in the right direction for that as well.

You can even get the whole wedding party involved.  Set up a weekly group training class for you and your bridesmaids… everyone will thank you!

For the record: it is OK for the groom to see you in your workout gear before the wedding. 

Couples that train together stay together, so bring your partner and get ready for the big day as a team!

Get your Free Wedding Workout Consultation

Come in, meet the trainers, we evaluate your fitness, make a plan & give you a taste with a free workout ($150 value)