How To: Increase Pull Up Strength

If you’re like trainer Krista, and looking to increase your pull-up strength, try focusing on the slow eccentric (negative) portion of the movement. Avoiding swinging or bouncing during the exercise helps prevent injury and strengthen the connective tissue around the joints involved in the movement. #FocusFriday #FlexFriday

#PhotoOfTheDay: Hydration

#PhotoOfTheDay… As it gets warmer outside, remember to stay hydrated! Whether you’re indoors or out, never forget water!! Rep1 trainer, Mike, recommends a couple sips every 15-20min when exercising or spending time in the sun!


Client Spotlight: Margery and Michelle

Determination, energy and bright smiles…

Margery (as all best friends do) dragged Michelle to her first session with Dave three years ago, and since then they both #RockTheGym every Wednesday morning!

Their goals are to stay in shape, keep up with their kids, have fun, and look great in the summer!!

Margery’s pro wrestling name is “Zealous Giant” and Michelle’s is “Chief Tornado”! #WeAreRep1