Sarah is the first smile you see when you walk into the Rep1 facility in the morning. A huge part of keeping the team organized, Sarah usually can be seen with a towel in one hand, typing on the keyboard, and listening to Chad on future projects he needs her to do… all at the same time! And then Sarah goes home at night and dons her superhero cake-making uniform. Check out her Instagram profile here and see the amazing creations she comes up with.

Sarah is not just about the cakes, though, as she will often spend time after work going through her fitness exercises and then hop on her bike to commute… she ‘walks the walk’ here at Rep1. Sarah ran the 5 Peaks Trail run with us this year and surprised even herself with a great time when she ran across the finish. Great work Sarah!

She has many roles here at Rep1 and she keeps the clients, owners and trainers all happy with the great job Sarah does!