Getting Motivated – A quick guide to finding motivation

One great way to stay motivated is to find a sport or activity that you enjoy participating in.

Running, hiking, cycling, tennis, hockey, basketball or whatever works for you, your abilities and your schedule.

This choice works 2 fold

1. The activity itself is an opportunity to burn calories and increase your fitness while getting the mental benefits of doing something you enjoy.

2. Having this sport or activity in your life can work as a powerful motivator to get into the gym to supplement your sport/activity.

There are a couple great reasons to make sure you are getting in the gym along with having your activity.

Performance improvement. Whether it’s an individual sport or a team sport it can be very empowering to feel yourself getting better. And gym training can help with that.
Balance. Many leisure activities have the potential to create imbalance in strength, mobility and posture. So having a gym routine to make sure that you are working your body in ways that counterbalance your sport/activity can be very beneficial as it can help prevent injury.
So this year get out there and find something that you truly enjoy. There are activities for all ages and abilities. And then get into the gym so that you can fully experience the benefits of staying active.

Mark Pottie