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Top Fitness Myths Debunked

1. Stretch Before Your Workout. Stretching has often been prescribed to reduce injury, increase range of motion and relieve tight muscles. However holding static stretches for long periods of time before you exercise can actually hinder athletic performance, may increase risk of injury during your session and it is never a good idea to stretch […]

Ski Day Warm Up tips

People are rushing to the mountains for a day on the slopes! So fun! So exhilarating! So sore the next day… While we adore our access to winter sports in Vancouver, our bodies can get a bit cranky with a sudden change in activity if we don’t warm them up properly. All it takes is […]

Getting Motivated – A quick guide to finding motivation

One great way to stay motivated is to find a sport or activity that you enjoy participating in. Running, hiking, cycling, tennis, hockey, basketball or whatever works for you, your abilities and your schedule. This choice works 2 fold 1. The activity itself is an opportunity to burn calories and increase your fitness while getting […]

Breathing & Training – when should you hold your breath?

The Right Breathing Pattern to Optimize your Performance and Fitness: If you have worked out with a friend or trainer, you probably have heard someone tell you – don’t hold your breath! It makes sense that we should be breathing when we exercise, or else we will probably pass out fairly quickly. Why do we […]

Don’t Let Sitting Get the Best of You

Are You An All Day Desk Dweller?  Fast and easy ways to add more movement and stretching into your day: May the force be with you. Gravitational Force that is. Don’t let sitting get the best of you. By creating as many facet points for your framework to be against gravity, you can curb ailments […]

Your Mental Health + Fitness During a Pandemic.

“If exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” – Dr. Robert Butler, National Institute on Aging Okay, so this is a HUGE topic…. I think it is the most important one I’ve ever had the opportunity to blog about.  I can tell […]

Personal and social fitness

Is personal training in Vancouver safe during Covid times?

Times have changed!  Cleaning and social distancing are the new norm.  Plastic barriers, spray bottles and hand sanitizers rule this planet.  The fitness industry is no different.  All of us used to sweat, grunt and jump around our fitness facilities with no thought of ‘distance’ between us and others.  We would use our weights and […]

Why should I get online personal training with REP1 FITNESS?

THE REASONS FOR GETTING AN ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER WITH REP1 FITNESS: Credibility Knowledge Experience Personal Connection One-on One exercise designed for YOU Right now with COVID 19 rampant around the world, more and more people are looking to the internet for answers; especially when it comes to ways to stay healthy and fit!  For the […]

The Best Exercises for Seniors

At Rep 1 Fitness we’ve seen our older adult clients achieve amazing health and fitness results. Perhaps the word ‘amazing’ is downplaying their achievements and we should say ‘life changing’!   Our senior clients can be seen working on single leg balance drills, learning to lift weights or even venturing into weekend cycling races. No […]

How do I recover from an injury?

Yes, that is what my shoulder looks like from an x-ray.  Early June of 2019 I went flying over my handlebars in a cycling race… and that was the end of biking that summer!  Acute pain, surgery (which involved a hook and a plate in my shoulder), pain, rehab, pain, rehab, finally a light at […]

How to Stay Motivated and Dedicated to your Fitness Goals.

Motivation, Dedication and Crushing your Fitness Goals!       With New Years resolutions right around the corner it seems like everyone in Vancouver is thinking about fitness and health motivation.  How many times have you set a resolution at the beginning of the year just to watch it fade away a few weeks later? […]

How to start Running – for the complete beginner!

Running for the Newbie If you’re a looking to add more cardio into your weekly fitness regime,  you’ve been persuaded by co-workers to join their annual charity run, or if you’re a complete beginner and the mere thought of running exhausts you, then this beginner’s running guide is for you! Running is an excellent form […]