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Is personal training in Vancouver safe during Covid times?

Personal and social fitness

Times have changed!  Cleaning and social distancing are the new norm.  Plastic barriers, spray bottles and hand sanitizers rule this planet.  The fitness industry is no different.  All of us used to sweat, grunt and jump around our fitness facilities with no thought of ‘distance’ between us and others.  We would use our weights and fitness equipment and think nothing of it.  Sweaty spin classes were shoulder to shoulder and it was all about how many mats we could jam into a yoga class.  ‘Safe’ is the new word for exercise in Vancouver!  See how we are safe here at Rep1 Fitness.  So how do we accomplish this and not ruin the personal training experience?  The best way is to train safe but at the same time keep personal training ‘personal’!


At Rep1 Fitness, here in Kitsilano, we have a designated space for you and your trainer!  With over 8,000 sq ft of personal training here at R1 we can afford to give you your on spot on the floor and your coach will wear a mask for your time here in the gym.  That footprint on the floor designated for your physical fitness is all that your professional will need to chase your goals.  All the exercise equipment you need will be with you.  Strength training with free weights, and even aerobic exercise, can actually be done in these exclusive spaces… especially when you have a coach with you!  


All fitness clubs should be having set times/appointments for their members… period!  Every one of us looking for regular exercise needs to set a schedule to keep our fitness regime regular, now it is almost mandatory.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Having a set schedule for yourself will help you keep your long-term health benefits because you will actually do your exercise.  Health and wellness is SO important right now for our mental well-being… schedule and appointment and stick to it.


Let’s be honest, part of the personal training experience is the social aspect.  Fitness goals and the gym are great but having your own personal ‘exercise host’ makes every workout special.  The best part of having your own host at the Rep1 fitness facility is their ability to keep your workout social but socially distanced.  The trainers will wear a mask to keep you safe in your area while you get your sweat on… but you better believe you can still hear us!  That’s our job!  Physical activity even improves your ability to be social as demonstrated by the article in PsychCentral:   The SOCIAL Aspect of Fitness

Safe fitness and personal training

Gyms and personal training may now be ‘safe’… but let’s keep it personal! Life isn’t just about spray bottles


Your time is valuable, and in this weird day and age its hard to make a plan.  That is what your personal trainer is for: they are responsible for making your time in the gym count and they should be accountable for your fitness regime.  What are your goals?  That is our mission.  With all the Covid protocols happening it can be super confusing how to actually get a simple workout finished.  That is why goals and planning are so important!  The home gym can be a good tool for lockdown times but in-house workouts might not be the best for reaching your goals.  Even if you are working on a simple stretch or core regime, having a fitness coach with a plan is a great idea.