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May 12th, 2011

I am going to train Sara right now, she came to circuit class this morning and she is a little worried about the family wedding that they are going to this weekend because she has been doing really well with her diet and smoking/drinking. I tried to give her some advice on better food choices and to try to put salad dressing on the side of the salad. I also told her that she might want to have a glass of water between drinks so that she is never in a situation where she is not holding something and it will also help her so that she stays hydrated and it helps to prevent hang over’s.

Sara told me that her arms are sore from the workout this morning, so I decided that we could do some cardio today. I actually had Sara running on the treadmill today. It was the first time in a long time that she has run and she is surprised with herself that she could actually do it, Sara has a habit of saying “I can’t do it” to certain things and I know she can. I would not ask her to do it if I did not think she could do something.

Sara is getting stronger and it is really nice to see. I am not sure if she realizes this but she will soon.

Rob Fraser came into day for his session and as he came into the Shack Gym I noticed that he was limping really badly. I know that he has bad knees but they have not been that bad. Over the past couple weeks it has been getting worse, he showed me his knee and it is twice the size of the other one. I told him that he needs to get this checked out sooner rather than later because it is not going to get any better. I also told him that he had better have it checked out before I see him again; he has a physio that he knows, I told him he better go there.

I had no idea about his knee so I have to change my game plan for the workout, it’s not a problem what we can do today is an upper body session and I can include boxing for his cardio session. The great thing about boxing it gets his heart rate up so he will sweat but it does not put any pressure on his knee. There is sweat flying everywhere and I am working him hard. I love this because even though he has a sore knee he still wants to be pushed hard and he loves it.

Jen is here now and she is really not happy about being here, Jen said that she had to force herself to come today because she does not feel like being here today. Jen does not have any goals that she wants to work on today but she thinks she might feel better if she works out.

Is funny the first week we were here you were all gung ho for training, now it seems to me that you really could care or less if we were here or not. It seems to me that you have lost your drive and then Jen tells me its life. I have to say that I am really not feeling for her, I great really tired of hearing about people that complain about their lives when they actually having nothing to complain about. I do know that there are people out there that do have a tough life and I will say Jen does not, for god sake she has new gel nails every week so it can’t be that bad.

So because of her attitude I found it really hard to train her today because I knew she was not motivated, I really would have liked to kick her ass but I would have just made myself frustrated.


April 28th, 2011

I am training Melissa today and I noticed that she rode her bike to the gym, I think that is great but she did not have her helmet on. I wanted to let her know that I am a strong believer in helmets. I was in an accident less them a month ago and the only thing that saved me was my helmet. So because of that I made sure that she knows that and the next time.

It’s time to get on with the training session, I did warn her about the treadmill, only because she almost killed herself last week by falling off. I do give her credit for getting back on. Today’s session is going to be a full body with an emphasis on core and cardio. Body weight exercises and tubing work.

Melissa does a pretty good job today but I know that she can do better. I really hope that she is going to get into this whole workout thing. I really do think that one of her problems in eating and proper nutrition. I am hoping that she chats with Maria to discuss some form on nutrition.

Jonathan is here and I am hoping ready for a workout. This is my 3rd workout with him and the first 2 were not that tough, at least in my eyes. The session at the park did not last that long so my goal is to have him complete a full session. I still want to push him today so he knows what it is liked to be pushed and so that he can prove to himself that he can do it.

We did some boxing, the only real reason that I wanted to integrate boxing was so that he could work out any frustrations that he might have. I am also thinking and he might want to pursue it after we are done. His actual session went really well he worked hard you just need to keep on him because he will look for a way out of doing an exercise. You do need to remember he is only 13.

Mama Fraser is here and she is pumped for a workout. I think she brought her A game today. Mama Fraser worked really hard today, I am really impressed with what she did today. I love to see that she can be pushed hard and is will to be pushed…

I did ask Coleen how she thought her daughters were doing, Coleen was really impressed with how Sara is going with everything, she has quit smoking and there are days that she is just a little cranky. Sara decided to start with the patch and it seems to be working. It just goes to show that it can be done if you put your mind to it. The great thing about this is that it works with exercise as well; we just need to make sure that we keep everyone focused and motivated.


April 21st, 2011

Today is my first “Boot Camp “session with town of Taylor, I thought that the best place to have it in the empty field by Lone Wolf Golf Club. We had 30 – 40 people show up, which is not a bad turn out for the first class… I will say that for the participants that showed up there is a huge difference in fitness levels everything from someone having a mild stroke 2 weeks earlier to former athletes in high school. So this is going to be a bit of a challenge.

I had to give everyone a brief outline as to what we are going to do today and one of my 1st rule is that there is no driving to the field. The Taylor Gym is just across the street so made it clear that everyone is to park there and either walk/jog over to the field. Let the fun begin…

The session itself was pretty good and it went better then I thought it might. We did lots of different exercises and it was tough for some. I even had Jamie throw up and then get back to the work out just like nothing ever happened. She is a trooper. Jen and Sara had a tough time with it but they managed to finish it.

I am looking forward to seeing what the town is going to be able to do with themselves. I am going to do whatever I can do to help the town reach their goal in losing weight. I am not going to make this easy on them and I am not sure if the town is going to like it all that much, we have the majority of the town sitting on there ass most of the year because of the long days so Garfield and I will do what we canto help..

Jonathan is waiting for me at his house for a training session; I think I am going to take him to the park for our session. There is a park just a couple blocks from his house. I start our session with Jon doing some bike sprints down the block. He really likes to ride his bike so I might as well include it in our warm up. I am not sure how much he liked it because it was pretty tough, not sure if he really is used to be working that hard.

After his warm up we made our way to the park, there is a jungle gym there so there is lots for us to do. We had a little conversation about him being bullied in school and I wanted to  share with him that it had happened to me as well and that he is not the only one to be picked on in school. I also mentioned to him that if he gets in better shape he will start feeling better about him and confidence with improve as well.

Our session did not last very long because Jon started to feel dizzy and short of breath. Steve was there aswell and he thought he might be faking a bit. But I did not want to risk it soI stopped the workout and I told him to grab some juice it will increase hisblood sugar. I told him not to worry about it today because we will make up forit during our next session

I am off to Rick Kolter’s house to assess his fitness levels and also to see what types of medications he is on. The reason I am doing this is so that I can make the decision as to weather I am going to train him in the gym. I have had a discussion with Dr.Ali Zetner about Rick and she did give me the detail on him in medical terms and she did give me some advice as to what I can and cant to with him. I am also looking to talk to his actual doctor to see what their thoughts are as well.

I did get to Ricks house and I know that he ride motorbikes, luckily I have a Harley as well so we do have some common ground to start with. Rick starts to tell me about his bikes and his kids as well because they love to go riding as well. Rick has a couple dirt bike that he lets the kids use at the track, something he loves to do is spend time with his kids. I am thinking that if his health is so bad and he does not turn his life around he will not be there for his kids much longer.

I wanted to know more about Rick so I asked to see what medications he is taking and find out a little more about him. To be honest I am BLOWN away by all the medications that he had to take, I am not sure if I have ever in my life seen that may pills that 1 person has to take every day. WOW! I also found out from him that he is this exmilitary guy that used to run 10 miles per day as well as workout in the gym for 3hrs a day as well, so for me to see this guy who is so badly out of shape it is quite the contrast. I can’t imagine going from super fit to not!! That has to be tough, but you just never know when your body is going to say enough is enough.

Rick also mentioned to me that he did the first endurance challenge and it had taken a lot more out of him then he thought it would, he has been home in bed for the past couple days because his body actually rejected the workout that he did. In my mind I am thinking that this is going to be a real challenge not just for Rick but for myself as well. I mentioned to Rick that I really want to help him out but before I can do that I need to get clearance from his Doctor and I wanted to get clearance from Dr Ali.

As we were leaving I told Rick that I will do what I can even if it is walking around the block with him, at least it will be a step in helping him to a better and healthier life.

Jamie is coming to the gym today for her session and she is great at bringing her bike so I wanted to do a couple bike sprints outside with her as a warm up. I will say that Jamie is not that excited about the idea, she thinks that she will fall off or it was going to be too tough BLA BLA BLA!!! I really didn’t want to her excuses, so as we walk out to the road I explain to her what I want from her and you can tell she is nervous only because it is something out of the norm for her. She starts the first one and as she finishes it she gives me a smile, she says it’s tough but she can do it.

Jamie’s workout is tough we did lots of cardio drills in the gym, such as running, walking, lunging to pylons, push-ups on a bench on the floor etc. Pretty much you name it we did it and Jamie had a few moments where I was not sure if she was going to make it but she finished and she mentioned that she had burned 500 calories and that excites her because she realizes she is burning fat.

I have only been training Jamie for a couple weeks but you can already tell that she is feeling betterabout herself and it is starting to show…


April 10th, 2011

When I was hired to be one of the trainers for the show I really had not idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was going up North to a small town just outside of Fort Saint John named Taylor…. I did a little research on the internet and I had found out that roughly 1400 people lived in this small community, I was not sure how they were going to react to a bunch of BIG CITY folk coming into there small town and telling them how to change their lifestyle. Which for the most part was something that they grew up doing and that was Sweat F_ _ K All.

The day finally arrived, I boarded the small air plane to fly up north and to be honest I was a little nervous just because I did not know what to expect. As the plane was coming in for its final approach I looked out the window and there was not much around and at that point it brought me back to where I grew up Prince Edward Island, SMALL COMMUNITIES and right then and there I know it was going to be alright and I was feeling good.I wanted to meet everyone and get the ball rolling. I stepped off the plane and headed straight to the Community Centre where we were doing the first fitness assessment with all the town folk and key participants.

I meet Steve and Jonathan right away and they are exactly as you see them, trying to make you laugh and making funny comments about everything. I wanted to reassure theme that this was day 1 of there new life and that this was not going to be easy and that just remember that what we are doing today was going to be there base line and that in 12 weeks they would see Hugh changes if they listened to what we told them, I think that eased some of there concerns.

Jamie was next and it started out with a little crying session and my first experience with her. I was helping her out with the scale and height measurement and as she was getting off the scale she say her actual weight and she broke down and stared to cry, I told her that we would get through this together and that I would do everything in my power to help her get to her goal weight and get her into that wedding dress. Jamie pulled it together and we finished her assessment together. I have great faith in her and I think she is going to go along way with this challenge…

The next in line was Glen Cross, ok here is the “Town Crier” I see why he is who he is… I meet him and I knew right away that I was going to love training him and kicking his ass…Glen is one of those guys that everyone loves and he loves to work and playhard. Glen was half way through his push ups when I made my way over to him andI started yelling at him and trying to get him to squeak out a couple more andI think it might have worked because he managed to get a few more then hethought he was going to get. I am looking forward to working with him as well

I did not get a chance to see Jordy and Kristine do there fitness test but I did have and opportunity to chat with them after they were done. I wanted to talk to Jordy about his pop habit and how much pop he actually drank during the day and that I wanted to see him switch over from pop to water. Jordy was not sure how to take this but he was somewhat receptive to the idea. Jordy knows is going to be tough but he is ready for the challenge. I am not sure about Kristine but I have a good feeling about her and that she wants the best for Jordy and her. Kristine’s ultimate goal is to feel sexy for Jordy and I know we can get her there we just have to build her confidence…

Brent and Sheena were just finishing as I was talking to Jordy and Kristine, they came over to introduce themselves and give me a hard time. I just meet them and am not really sure howto take Brent. I don’t really have the warm fuzzy’s form Brent and to be honest Sheena really did not say too much to me. I think the reason is because they are really not sure what to think of the City Folk coming to town and we really need to prove ourselves to them. I think as we talked I broke the ice and they did start to trust me a little. Brent wanted to do some form of single leg wrestling. Now let me tell you I did not have a hope in hell on winning over him Brent is 6’5 300lbs and I am 6’1 210 I really don’t think there is a match there, but I did say that at the end of 12 weeks maybe we would do it then.. NOT!!!!

Rob and Coleen were there as well going though there testing and I introduced myself and wanted to let them know that we were going to do our best to help them reach there goals and I started to help them out in there testing. To be honest they were having a bit of a hard time with the whole process but they had such a positive attitude about the whole process and they were both super excited about having all of us in Taylor. I am looking forward to training them I think they are going to make some huge changes in there lives and lead the way for there family.

Today was a great day I think for everyone involved with this project, everyone is super nice and really excited to see what we can do for them and the town of Taylor. It is going to be a challenge for everyone but I think the most for the Town Folk and the participants because we are going to push them physically,emotionally and mentally….. Let the Games Begin!!