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How To: Ring Muscle Up

Curious what the proper form looks like during a Ring Muscle Up? Jamiel shows us his technique! Now that is impressive… #FocusFriday #FlexFriday

How To: Increase Pull Up Strength

If you’re like trainer Krista, and looking to increase your pull-up strength, try focusing on the slow eccentric (negative) portion of the movement. Avoiding swinging or bouncing during the exercise helps prevent injury and strengthen the connective tissue around the joints involved in the movement. #FocusFriday #FlexFriday

#PhotoOfTheDay: Hydration

#PhotoOfTheDay… As it gets warmer outside, remember to stay hydrated! Whether you’re indoors or out, never forget water!! Rep1 trainer, Mike, recommends a couple sips every 15-20min when exercising or spending time in the sun!