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Why should I get online personal training with REP1 FITNESS?


  • Credibility
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Personal Connection
  • One-on One exercise designed for YOU

Right now with COVID 19 rampant around the world, more and more people are looking to the internet for answers; especially when it comes to ways to stay healthy and fit!  For the longest time the fitness industry was mostly constrained by four walls, but as self-isolation is becoming more a way of life we are realizing that online training is the way to go.  It is not that the online coaches, and Insta-famous personal trainers, weren’t out in the world before this self-isolation period… it is just now we are being FORCED to search for these ‘fitness professionals’.  So what do you look for when searching for an online personal training and why should Rep1 Fitness be your source for health and wellness during isolation times?  Here are the reasons to work with us:


Rep1 Fitness is an 8,000sq ft fitness facility in Kitsilano, Vancouver, with over 65 personal trainers.  The Rep1 Team has been helping people reach their fitness goals for 10 years now and we can’t wait to do 10 more!  Not only do we have an actual gym on the Westside of Vancouver, but our team has trained out of some of the best facilities in the lower mainland.  Our large client base covers all levels of fitness and all age groups.  We work with seniors, youth, and everything in between.  Here is an article on the KITSILANO.CA website talking about the ‘5 Ways to Stay Fit in the Fall in Kitsilano’… and, yes, we’re in there!


The Rep1 team is the best personal training team in Vancouver.  Our exercise and training backgrounds are diverse but we are all experienced in the field of health and wellness.  From kinesiologists to veterans that are 25 years in the industry, we have it all.  All of our team members come from extensive sport backgrounds making them great team players.  We have worked in every facet of the fitness industry from fitness classes, to sports rehab, and, of course, one-on-one personal training.  This is the team online, or in Vancouver, that should help you get your ‘sweat on’!  


What we could all use right now is a friendly face… and at Rep1 we have the biggest smiles to go with your exercise!  Get an online coach from our team and you will get the personality to go with the credibility.  It is called ‘personal’ training for a reason and at Rep1 we hire people who are the total package.    Check out our online team of personal trainers:

Gui Spiteri

Anna Zimmer

Cam Bentley

Rosie Walsh


Whether it is in a ZOOM (online) meeting or in our facility, you will get a personal plan for your training time.  We will customize your workout and get you the right physical activity for your body.  If you have injuries, you’re looking to lose weight, or you’re an endurance athlete and you need some help with those imbalances, we’ve got you covered!  Sure, we may be video conferencing with you but this will still be a one-on-one session with your goals in mind.  If you are just grabbing youtube videos with random exercises, they might not be designed for your body or injuries.  Get to the other side of social-distancing fit, healthy and injury free with a program designed by one of our personal trainers!

Go onto Rep1’s website and click the sign-up button… we will get back to you right away to set up your time with one of our online coaches!